Unrivaled Compliance & Quality Management Software

SeeSOR®- Cloud-based inspection QMS with cutting-edge algorithms

Users keep coming back to our product, project after project, because SeeSOR is more than just checking the box

  • Better performance with fewer inspections with a Proprietary “Ranking” algorithm

  • Boost your workflow via real time schedule and issues updates

  • Joint access for all stakeholders resolves issues as a team

  • Compliance Management for measuring what services people are delivering

SeeSOR Works on All Devices

SeeSOR: "See the Statement Of Requirements" at your fingertips

SeeSOR is a Quality Management cloud-based solution that helps clients with Quality Assurance (QA) for Service Contracts. This system helps users store, inspect, correct, and track performance against technical requirements. Users are able to tailor inspections and email notifications to their needs. Dashboards and data analysis can be customized to provide a real-time data set for how requirements are being fulfilled.

SeeSOR® Real Features & True Savings


Less Inspector Staff required with SeeSOR®

SeeSOR's powerful automation dramatically reduces the amount of effort required to build, schedule, and perform inspections, resolve issues, and compile results.


Increase in Win Probability with SeeSOR®

Bidding SeeSOR's transparent collaborative platform promises Customers quality management accountability. Offering to share performance data directly against the PWS will strengthen Customer confidence, gaining the Contractor high bid scores for Quality.

Performance-Based Inspection Calendar
SeeSOR: Automatically Generated Performance-Based Inspection Calendar


Faster Real-time analysis with built-in analytics

No need to secondarily collect data to produce charts and graphs.


Speedier Finds with organized searchable content

All content is digitally organized and searchable - no more digging through emails, electronic files or file drawers.


Requirements tracked for compliance

With PWS requirements maintained, compliance to all of them is measured.

Enterprise Digitalization

One-Step Enterprise Digitalization

🔶 Centralized repository on ASC's secure cloud or your server

🔶.Connect everyone on your project with one platform

🔶 Attach documents, photos, videos - anywhere

🔶 Find what you need

Easy search filters

Fast global search

Full column sorts

🔶 Create a strong defensible audit trail


The Best Way to Automate Your Workflow

🔶 Automate Inspection Scheduling based on Proprietary “Ranking” algorithm - better performance results mean fewer inspections

🔶 Update all relevant parties in real time with upcoming schedules and issues

🔶 Dynamically adjust Inspection Calendar to avoid missed Inspections and delays

🔶 Auto-Generate Performance Analysis, Charts, and Graphs

🔶 One-touch Log-in prefills all forms for any user


Effortless Collaboration With Your Customer

🔶 Joint access from both sides:

Mutual understanding of technical requirements

Either party can do their own inspections

Shared Results improve quality & relationships

🔶 Launch notify and resolve corrective actions

🔶 Dive deeper with comments and attached media

🔶 Assign different privileges for different participants

🔶 Resolve issues as a team with built-in inclusion for all stakeholders

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics to Eliminate Your Pain-points

🔶 Succinct summary Dashboards

🔶 Align scoring calculations with actual importance of performance activities using Importance Based Scoring

🔶 Track and compare quality trends within and between projects

🔶 "Drill-down" from high-level Compliance results to those individual Inspections driving those results


Any Connected Device, Anywhere

SeeSOR runs efficiently on any device capable of opening a browser

Work offline with our Offline Inspection APP and sync up with the system when you are back online

Copy Inspection Plans within and between Projects

Host from 1 database to dozens of databases, small to big, scalable for all users

Shared calendar avoids scheduling conflicts

QMS Compliance

All Types Covered

Services Contracts

Internal ISO Audits for Certification Maintenance

EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) compliance

Training and Certification compliance

Equipment maintenance inspections (compliance - was maintenance done right on individual pieces)

More coming all the time...



Manage Details with Ease

Any changes in requirements and inspection plans are automatically pushed out, ensuring they are instantly accessible by your workforce via SeeSOR

SeeSOR collects and shares QA and compliance information including attachments to all parties and across different platforms

All corrective action updates are visible to Users, and those with direct involvement also receive email notifications

Users with edit privileges can easily manage the entire quality management lifecycle from start to finish

Visible Dashboards

See the Big Picture

A Dashboard for everyone:

    • Executives can get full Summary report from Summary Dashboard

    • Supervisors can check highlights of Inspections and Corrective Actions from Status Dashboard

    • Inspectors can perform Scheduled Inspections (Past Due, To Do) from To Do Dashboard

    • Users can investigate from the dashboard right into the database

Inspection Analyst

    • Summaries and performance analysis, graphs, and data

Visible Dashboards


Central Repository of Results

Prevents turnover loss found with email/spreadsheet systems

Documents (Video, Photo, etc...) attached where they belong for the life of the project and beyond

Maintains institutional performance regardless of the program years

Permanently archives all records after program completion


Better Quality with Less Cost

Databases (Modules) Individually Priced

    • unlimited Requirements and Inspection Plans

    • unlimited attachments and links (URL)

ASC Server - One or two projects (Modules) can be hosted on our Server, priced per Module

Dedicated Company Enterprise https://yourcompanyname.seesor.net for 2+ Modules


    • volume priced (lower cost/User)

    • can be assigned to multiple Modules

Customer Outreach

Customer Feedback Questionnaires

Power of feedback questionnaire in gathering data from any user outside of SeeSOR

Tracking/graphing in SeeSOR

All data is shared through collaboration including low score inspection alerts

Distribution of Customer Feedback Link can be done via email or a QR Code

Scan this code and see yourself in SeeSOR!

SeeSOR® Designed with all parties in mind!



Take Control of your Programs.

  • Manage Data Across Project

  • Collaborate with contractors

  • Spot hidden pain spot



Deliver results at the palm of your hand.

  • Intelligent Plans/Criteria

  • Maximum efficiency

  • Easy to report any problems



Collaborate with contractor to achieve better quality.

  • Clear understanding of Progress

  • Actively Reduce Rework

  • Gain Performance Visibility

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