Training, Consulting, and 3rd Party Inspections

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Our services span the full spectrum of support required to manage everything from the procurement and management of complex service contracts to performance and compliance management between and within organizations.

ASC provides innovative products, services, and all the necessary training to optimize the time your already busy personnel spend doing their jobs. ASC software improves all facets of compliance and acquisition, accomplishing much of the work currently done by hand.

ASC Training

SeeSOR & TF! Training

  • Private courses - on-site or via web meeting

  • Public courses - offered periodically in a variety of locations

  • Facilitated Workshops for development of:

    • Inspection Plans

    • Requirements

    • Customer Estimates (Resource/Cost/Pricing) against Requirements

ASC Consulting & Support

SeeSOR® Support

  • Contract/Requirements conversion and upload to SeeSOR (with attachments)

  • Draft Inspection Plan creation

  • Inspection Plan template design

  • Periodic SeeSOR Review services

TF! Consulting

  • Procurement strategy, design

  • De-brief facilitation

  • Post-Award Bid conversion, upload to TF!

  • Contract Modification facilitation

ASC Training
ASC Review and Inspection

ASC Third Party Inspections

On-site services for customers who wish to bring in an independent third party for inspections

  • Inspections completed by:

    • ASC Employee(s)

    • Technical oversight of Existing Customer Employees

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We know the transition from spreadsheets and email to the digital world feels like a struggle. But believe us, with ASC as your Partner and our Tools as your Solutions to minimize the challenge, it will be worth it. ASC is here to help, no matter where you are in your acquisition or compliance journey. Together we can help you build your better future for years to come.