A Team Focused on Collaboration,

Quality, and Innovation

ASC understands long complex service relationships having worked on projects from cradle to grave for almost 30 years. We can help you seamlessly fit all the pieces together for higher quality, lower costs, and better relationships with your customers and suppliers. We can grow together from your first project to your very own Enterprise. (

Our Story

ASC Group was founded in Hawaii in 1992 by two Industrial Engineers who had spent a decade applying their commercial IE knowledge to complex US Navy Base Operating contracts. Their breakthrough solution - “Tabular Format” - tied contract requirements to the resources required to deliver them, then costed those resources, and finally priced those costs.

Upon launching ASC the Founders commercialized their Tabular Format approach into the “TF!™” solution, incorporating best Industrial Engineering practice with the TF! Modules that are still evolving and in use today. TF! was embraced by Government Agencies in the UK, Canada, and Australia, each using TF! in their groundbreaking efforts to outsource their own Base Ops.

In 1997 ASC developed requirements-based SeeSOR® for Compliance, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control. The tool is used collaboratively by all parties, improving both performance and relationships.

With international success, ASC was able to leverage back to the US starting in 2002, marketing to the contractor community as well as the US Departments of State, Energy, Army, and Navy.

Meet The Team

Leigh Wright

Leigh Wright

Co-Owner & VP

"By becoming an owner of ASC I personally invested in TF! and SeeSOR because in all my years of pricing and bidding for contracts, I had never seen any other products that delivered service and results over and above everything they promise. These are real products that I knew I could believe in, invest in, and provide to other players in our industry because of the tremendous benefits they would accrue using them."

Leigh contributes to product development and is involved in TF!'s service contract bid and management tools and SeeSOR's contract compliance and monitoring tool. She also conducts ASC’s training and consulting practice.

Leigh owned and operated Wright Support Services, often consulting to ASC on TF! and SeeSOR projects. Leigh participated in over 100 major service contract bid and proposal efforts as a consultant with major Government Contractors in Proposal Bidding and Costing.

She holds a BSBA degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, with a concentration in HR Management.

Leigh is based in Huntsville, AL.

Dan Everest

Dan Everest

Co-Owner & Co-Founder

Dan co-founded ASC in 1992, co-developing TF! and SeeSOR with Steve Blancq. He continues with product development and is involved in ASC’s training and consulting practice.

Previously Dan worked as an Industrial Engineer in Hawaii with the US Navy, managing the procurement and administration of large BOS contracts.

Before that, Dan was an Industrial Engineer for Michelin Tire Corporation and an Aerodynamicist with NASA Langley.

Dan holds an MBA from Duke University and a BS in Aerospace Engineering from NC State University (Sigma Gamma Tau) and is a Registered Professional Engineer, Industrial.

Dan is based in San Francisco

Agnes Jackle

Agnes Jackle

Product ManagerSr Enterprise Specialist

Agnes is Director of Canadian Operations and has been affiliated with ASC since 1997. She contributes to product development and is heavily involved in the development of TF!.

Agnes served as Product Manager for the SeeSOR two-year rewrite effort completed in 2017 and has continued as Product Manager for all SeeSOR releases since.

Agnes has an Audit and Consulting background and is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Agnes is based in Ottawa, Canada

Danielle Shelton

Danielle Shelton

Business Manager

Danielle has been with ASC since 2017. She provides product management support to our monitoring tool, SeeSOR, and assists clients with troubleshooting their program issues.

As ASC's Business Manager, Danielle manages new and existing contracts and performs all ASC accounting and government agency reporting. Before joining ASC Danielle worked as a contract employee for other government contractors.

Danielle holds a 2013 BSBA degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, with a focus in Marketing and Acquisitions.

Danielle is based in Huntsville, AL.

Ram Krishnamurthy

Ram Krishnamurthy

Senior IT Professional

Ram is ASC's SeeSOR Developer:

  • Took over SeeSOR Desktop (2006)

  • Converted Desktop to SeeSOR.NET (2008-2009)

  • Implemented the SeeSOR.NET hosting change from Customer to ASC Servers (2011-2013)

  • Redesigned SeeSOR.NET as SeeSOR® (2015 through release in 2017)

  • Builds/deploys one or two SeeSOR releases per year

Ram manages the ASC-hosted SeeSOR Enterprises and works with customers who choose to self-host a SeeSOR Enterprise.

Ram holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (India) and is based in Washington, D.C.

Steve Blancq

Steve Blancq

Co-Founder (Retired)

As Co-Founder, Steve developed TF! and SeeSOR with Dan, retiring in 2014.

Previously, Steve worked as an Industrial Engineer with the Navy in Hawaii, where he managed procurement and administration of large BOS contracts.

Before that, Steve was a Senior Industrial Engineer for Michelin Tire Corporation.

Steve holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of South Florida (Phi Beta Tau) and is a Registered Professional Engineer, Industrial.

Steve lives in Alexandria, VA.