Winning Bids Using TF!

An Innovative Approach - The TF! Modification Module (TF! Mod)

The TF! Mod is designed to model the winning bid prepared in a variety of different contractor templates (Sole Provider, Joint Venture, Lead/Prime, etc.). Using the simple, standardized TF! MS Excel platform for access by both the Customer and client, the bid is input in TF! Mod and proposed changes to the PWS are modeled with corresponding changes to the original resources and costs. TF! Mod automatically generates a fully costed Modification list of all resource, cost, and price categories affected by the changes.

Using TF! Mod, the negotiating effort for Contractor and Customer is reduced to the point that the parties can generally handle the negotiations “shoulder-to-shoulder”. Once happy with the result and issued as a Mod by the KO, a copy of the file is saved for the Contract File, and then the “Reset the Baseline” button is pushed, incorporating all cost changes into a new baseline version, ready for the next modification.

Here's how it Works:

A Structured SOW in row and column format, using a word processor:

Benefits of the TF! Mod Module:

  • Easy to Use - TF! covers all resource and cost categories in a simple one-page layout. A customer working with a trained contractor colleague does not require training.

  • Fast - complex PWS changes can be modeled in minutes

  • Collaborative - full visibility of PWS change impact by all parties, including doing so “live"

  • Accurate - a few inputs “roll forward” to new pricing with all burdens and buildup automatically captured on the way

  • Detailed - every item new or changed, whether an input or a rollup, is identified as so and captured

  • Trackable - Easily document each modification to the next with files detailing cost backup

  • Savings - innovation leading to the win is in the model, and PWS changes continue to enjoy those benefits from the first Mod through the life of the contract

  • Reset - One button incorporation of every change, ready for the next Mod.

  • Training - Company personnel can be trained by ASC to populate the Mod Module

  • Conversion - ASC can perform the conversion after wins (usually 2-3 days, depending on the size and/or complexity of the Contract).


  • TF! supports the detailed negotiation and identification of any changes to the SOW that affect Resource, Cost, or Price Categories.

  • Once changes are negotiated and finalized, TF! automates incorporating the changes into a new "Total" version using the built-in “Baseline Reset” function. Now TF! is ready for the next TA/Amendment negotiation.

  • TF! can handle any type of Basis of Payment including hybrid approaches.

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