Integrated contract modeling and bid management tool


A comprehensive Acquisition Solution that facilitates fast, defendable Contract Awards. In constant development for over 30 years and applied to over 60 major Acquisitions in the US, Canada and around the world, TF!v5 will address every challenge that can be found in complex Contracting today. 

TF! is a modeling tool used to create or respond to RFP requirements, perform rapid bid evaluations, and negotiate post-award modifications, all while preventing or winning protests through fully auditable documentation. 

TF! Tracks All Changes

The Automated TF! Process

Finding You the Best Contractor!

TF!™ Fast, Powerful, Protest-Proof Acquisitions Save You Time & Money

Historic Data From a US Navy Contract
Historic Data From a US Navy Contract. (Diege Garcia B.I.O.T.)


Average Contract Cost Savings

TF! produces first-time savings of around 30% over the internal operation of non-TF! contracts. Follow-on TF! re-competes produce further savings in addition to those large initial savings, which are now "baked in."


Services Contract Acquisition Time Savings

Typical complex services contract acquisitions take from 9 to 18 months. With TF! , it takes no more than 3 to 6 months, reducing time and cost for the Acquisition team, Evaluators, and even the Bidders!


Protests for Acquisitions without TF!

Based on Industry Data provided by ASC customers, roughly half of procurements result in protests.

Only 5%

Protests for Acquisitions with TF!

There have been only 3 Protests in over 60 TF! service contract Acquisitions since 1992.


Protests Won by Customer using a TF! Acquisition

While the TF! Tool won its only 3 Protests, the more important number is how many it prevented.

TF!™ Efficient, Effective Contract Modifications for Contractors & Customers


Less time negotiating and finalizing contract modifications

The TF Tool provides a baseline from the winning proposal and tracks changes for all cost elements driven by the contract modification for shoulder to shoulder negotiation.

 TF!™  models contract changes
 TF!™  models contract changes in a Facility Maintenance Contract
Bid Module

Bid Module

Bids are based on actual solutions to a customer’s technical requirements

Decision Module

Decision Module

An evaluation tool for all evaluation criteria, including responses to customer technical requirements. 

Analysis Module

Analysis Module

Consolidates inputs and outputs from each bid and the Customer Estimate into a side-by-side comparison

Modification Module

Modification Module

Winning Bid becomes the "Price Module" and serves as the baseline for changes to requirements

See What TF!™ can do for you!



The TF! template structures bidder resources, costs, and prices against requirements so bids arrive in a comparable "apples-to-apples" structure. No Technical "SUV" at a "sub-compact" price.



TF! helps Bidders understand the requirements and demonstrate on a level playing field how their innovations and effiiciences provide benefit to become the winning solution.

For unsuccessful Bidders, the customer can present in their fully developed TF! bid those issues that prevented them from a win. This can prepare them for improved results in their next bid - a true lessons learned value in return for bid costs incurred.

A valuable debrief also has the advantage of demonstrating the fairness and consistency of the TF! approach, letting the unsuccessful Bidder know a Protest is unnecessary, or if pursued, unwinnable.

Both Parties

Both Parties

After Award, the customer and contractor rapidly negotiate contract Modifications, adjusting resource inputs from the starting baseline. TF! automatically creates a fully detailed and priced Modification, after which the baseline can be "reset" to prepare for the next Modification.

Standardized Bidding

Standardized Bidding

Innovate the Responses, Save Costs

When bids are normalized, evaluators can easily compare the costs and benefits of each bid. Only the bid presentation format is fixed; the content is left to the bidders and hence does not restrict what a bidder can offer as a solution. In fact, TF! increases the likelihood of innovative responses since the detail required also certifies the solution.

Risk Assessment

Define Requirements Better

The layout of the requirements is designed to facilitate a systematic approach to the evaluation including a comprehensive risk analysis accomplished by the prioritization of Requirements and Evaluation factors. This structure reduces the time for clients to define requirements, bidders to prepare bids, and for the clients to evaluate bids.

Risk Assessment
Problem Detection

   Problem Detection

Eliminate Bad Bids

TF! can provide justifiable support for the elimination of under-resourced bids on a technical capability basis. The software itself creates a linkage between the defined requirements, the bidder's proposed resources to deliver those requirements, and the price the bidder offers. TF! discloses in a straightforward manner any disconnects in these linkages. This is not easily possible under traditional approaches that do not include a pre-formatted linkage between the requirements, proposed resources and pricing.

High Fidelity Bidder Feedback

Lessons Learned also Prevents Protests

The TF! evaluation approach is designed to deliver value to unsuccessful bidders. The

evaluation approach forces an evaluator to quickly and easily prepare adequate documentation to support questionable or unacceptable elements of the bidder's proposal allowing the results of the evaluation to be presented in a coherent, informative manner. These defensible results, designed to support a Protest, more often prevent it as bidders are presented with strong evidence for the decision regarding their bid.

High Fidelity Bidder Feedback

TF!™: The Story

Introduced in 1992, TF! models resources, costs and the price buildup against contract Technical Requirements using a structured “apples-to-apples” format that allows rapid bid evaluation and analysis of solutions across multiple bids. TF! runs on the Microsoft Excel platform with built in Visual Basic (VBA) code allowing controlled user customization while ensuring input and calculation conformity.

TF! improvements over the years include features to facilitate the input experience such as error “Warnings” and completion messages. The latest version (TF!v5) allows both the contractor and customer to “baseline” the current version of the solution. TF! then captures the impact of any contract modifications against the original inputs. The result is faster, more detailed, and more accurate negotiations, during which TF! automatically constructs an audit ready modification trail containing all price, cost (and resource) elements, as well as the new post-modification baseline in preparation for the next modification.