TF! Bid Discriminator

The One Paragraph TF! Bid Discriminator

Faster, Cheaper Mods! After the Award we will provide the winning bid modeled in the TF!™ Modification Tool (TF! Mod) for easy, rapid adjustments to the Contract price as any changes to the PWS or contract clauses occur. All PWS-based resources, costs, and prices from the winning bid are in TF! Mod. When a contract change is needed, TF! Mod will highlight any new or changed inputs and instantly build a fully detailed cost breakdown that is ready for the customer to accept and include in the Modification. After this, TF! Mod is built to “reset the baseline” with the simple push of a button, incorporating all the added and changed items into a new baseline, ready to model the next batch of contract changes. TF! Mod is designed for easy use by each party. We can submit the Contract file ready version as our proposal while you can use your version to model the anticipated cost breakdown data (i.e., your Government Estimate}. To take fuller advantage of TF! Mod, we can even sit together, shoulder-to-shoulder, discussing and agreeing on the impact of PWS changes in a single TFI Mod version, making adjustments “live,” and reducing weeks of negotiation down to minutes, while still preserving our competitive winning solution even into the contract mods.